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아주 오랜만에 토, 일요일 모두 여수 집에서 쉬어본다.

It was very long time, rested in Yeosu through the weekend.

-> I took a rest in Yeosu both Saturday and Sunday. It was once in a blue moon.

어제는 아파트 뒷산인 고락산 정상에 올라갔다왔다.

Yesterday, I went to the top of the Gorak mountain behind my home.

-> Yesterday, I Climbed Gorak mountain behind my home.

올라가는 길은 더웠는데 정상엔 바람이 거세게 불어서인지 몸이 오싹했다.

It was warm while going up but it was very cold at the top.

Because very big winds were blowing at the top.

-> It was warm while I was going up .....

정상에선 잠시 앉아서 사진도 찍고 경치도 감상했다.

Eventually, I arrived at the top. I got a rest on the bench and took some photoes attached.

-> When I arrived at the top of the mountain, ... (갑자기 eventually는 이상;;)

내려오는 길은 오히려 지루하고 힘들었다.

On the contrary, It was boring and tired during climbing down.

-> On the contrary가 갑자기 나오는게 이상;; during은 빼도 될듯??

오르막이 힘들고 내리막은 쉽다는 편견은 등산에서는 버려야겠다는 생각을 했다.

I realized something from this climbing. 

It is a prejudice that the descent is easier than the ascent.

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